The Wavemaker 6


BEHOLD! – the prototype of the Wavemaker 6!  When Wavemakers assembled this synthesizer, they neglected to put lock washers between the potentiometers and front panel, so after a bit of knob tweaking, the pots start to loosen up and we need to tighten the nuts.  This is one of several things that’ll be addressed when we have tonetweakers repair this beautiful vintage synth. She’ll get a full overhaul and will be better than new when they’re done with it.  If you own any Wavemaker gear, we would love to hear from you.  Oh, and that’s an EML Electrocomp-101 under the WM6, though we may have to move it soon to make room for our Digisound Modular System.  We’re going to have to start hanging synths from the ceiling.  Seriously.

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