Roland D-550 from Vince Clarke of Erasure

Roland D-550


The Synth Sanctuary is very proud to own the Roland D-550 Vince Clarke used heavily on Erasure recordings, especially one of our favorite albums of all time, Erasure’s “The Innocents”.  We’ve also got Vince’s PG-1000 programmer.  The D-550’s got a dead display, so if anyone’s got a working one, please contact us so we can restore it to full working order.  We’ve also got Vince’s spare Oberheim Xpander, Roland Juno-60 (now with Minerva MIDI retrofit), Roland Jupiter-8, Linndrum, Korg MS-50, MKS-80 Super Jupiter, and others from Vince’s collection, all restored by Tone Tweakers.

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