MIDI Quest 11 Universal Patch Editor / Librarian by Sound Quest


We used to use Emagic’s Sounddiver software as our universal MIDI synthesizer patch editor / librarian, to edit and store banks of our own patches to our studio computer (and many hardware synths), but when Emagic sold Logic to Apple years ago, they stopped updating and supporting Sounddiver.  Although there are ways to run Sounddiver on a modern computer, it’s an outdated program that no longer fits our workflow, so we decided to buy MIDI Quest 11 to replace Sounddiver in our new studio.  We are currently setting it up.  It seems to be an extremely powerful program capable of doing lots of really neat things.  Setting it up with the dozens of MIDI synths in our studio and getting comfortable with it is going to take a while, but we are really looking forward to having all our synths under full computer control again.  We are especially excited about using MidiQuest 11 with synths we recently added to our studio setup – the Korg 01R/W, Waldorf Microwave 1, Kawai K1m, etc.

Midi Quest 11 Pro is a bargain at $369.  There are slimmed down versions available for $149 and $249.
Check it out here: http://www.squest.com/index.html

Thanks to Michael at Sound Quest for his excellent tech support, and to everyone else involved in developing and supporting this excellent product.

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