The Yamaha CS30

This summer, we’ve been buying lots of new toys for the studio.  Here’s a picture of today’s acquisition, which just arrived from Japan – the Yamaha CS30!  For many years, we neglected the Yamaha CS series because our first impressions of them from years ago weren’t so good.  They required Hz/V CV at a time when MIDI to CV converters weren’t compatible with Hz/V gear.  Their overall tone was kind of clinical.  Their resonance was weak and their overall sound was too polite.  However, after buying another CS15 in a package deal recently, we reevaluated and realized the dual multimode filters make this instrument quite special.  Plus, now we’ve got Kenton Pro 2000 MIDI to CV converters that work well with this and other Hz/V instruments.  So, naturally, we needed to keep the CS15… and get a CS30 to keep it company.  We may even have to haul our massive 200+ pound Yamaha CS80 out of storage too, cause it’s not a Yamaha CS party til the CS80 breaks someone’s back!  If only we had room to set it up.  :/



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