WANTED: Buchla Electric Music Box Modular Synthesizers and Modules / Our Buchla 100 System



We’re interested in buying or trading for any vintage Buchla 100, 200 or 300 series Electric Music Box modules, dead or alive.  Please email us directly using the contact page link above.  Thanks!

Here’s a photo of part of the Buchla 100 Electric Music Box modular synthesizer system currently in use at The Synth Sanctuary.  This synth was fully serviced by Tone Tweakers Inc. over the course of several weeks and contains a combination of some of the first Buchla modules ever made, labelled San Francisco Tape Music Center Inc., as well as some later modules labelled CBS Musical Instruments.  We have other modules labelled Buchla Associates as well (not pictured). TTI built and installed two new power supplies into the Buchla cabinets seen here, one in each cabinet.

This system currently consists of the following vintage modules (subject to change):

Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158 x 2 (oscillators)
Dual Square Wave Generator Model 144 x 3
Dual Ring Modulator Model 111
Sharp Cutoff Filter Model 191
Octave Formant Filter Model 195
Voltage Controlled Mixer Model 107 (10 VCAs)
Dual Voltage Controlled Gate Model 110 x 2
Dual Attack Generator Model 180 x 3  (envelope generators)
Timing Pulse Generator Model 140 (clock source)
Sequential Voltage Source Model 146 (sequencer)
Sequential Voltage Source Model 123
Six Channel Mixer Model 106 x 2
Control Voltage Processor Model 156 x 3
Touch Controlled Voltage Source Model 112 (touch plate keyboard)
Touch Controlled Voltage Source Model 114

Here is a list of other Buchla 100 series modules not in this system:

Harmonic Generator Model 148
Waveform Synthesizer Model 132
Random Voltage Source Model 165
White Noise Generator Model 160
Dual Reverberation Model 190
Dual Proximity Detector Model 117
Patchboard Model 124
Frequency Counter Model 150
Dual Integrator Model 155
Control Voltage Inverter Model 157
Dual Microphone Preamplifier Model 170
Dual Instrument Preamplifier Model 171
Dual Signal Leveler Model 172
Dual Equalizer Line Driver Model 175
Dual Hiss Cutter Model 176
Frequency Shifter Model 185
Dual Lowpass Filter Model 192
Bandpass Filter Model 194
Phase Shifter Model 196

We really want to buy your Buchla modules, so please sell them to us.



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