Wanted To Buy: Roland Synthesizer System-700 for sale



We’ve got a couple small Roland Synthesizer System-700 cabinets, but we need a full system.  If you’ve got a Roland System 700 for sale – cabinets, modules, or an entire system, or if you know someone who’s got one, please get in touch with us through the contact page link above.  We can pay a reasonable price or have similar stuff for trade.  We would even consider doing a partial swap for our professionally restored Lab Series synth cabinets if you still want the 700 sound in a smaller package.

Like other Roland synths of it’s age, an unserviced 700 will need a full restoration.  The many capacitors inside these music machines leak and damage the traces of the circuit boards, requiring time-consuming expert-level surgery that only few techs should be trusted to perform.  And then there are other problems that occur over time.  We would estimate a full system to require around 80 hours of restoration by a skilled technician.  Please don’t wait while your instrument deteriorates – SELL US YOUR ROLAND SYSTEM-700.  We’ll give it a great home where it’ll be fully cleaned up and restored to it’s original functionality and truly appreciated again.

If you’re looking for a more reliable instrument, the brand new Roland System-500 was based on the System-700 and System-100m and shouldn’t need servicing for many years.

Come on now… all we want for Christmas this year is a 700.  (We can wait til next year for the Buchla 200)

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