Vince Clarke’s Korg M1r

We’re generally not that fond of sample playback synths (aka ROMplers) over here, but we’ve recently been reminiscing about those good old vintage Korg M1 sounds since they’ve been popping up again in current dance pop. If you remember Robin S. “Show Me Love”, well that organ sound right there’s the M1 in full effect! Anyway, just yesterday, our buddy Vince Clarke gave us his beat up old M1r – the rack mount version of the M1. It needs some minor fixes and a good bath, but we’ll have it fully functional in no time. Vince removed and repurposed its rack ears, so we’re gonna have to track down or remanufacture some replacements. It’s an honor to have this synth in our studio as it can be heard all over the Erasure album “Wild!”. A huge thanks to Vince for his generosity.

Check out Vince’s new record label “Very Records” for his kickass collab with Paul Hartnoll of Orbital called 2Square and Reed & Caroline’s beautiful Buchlaphonic release entitled “Buchla and Singing”.


Buy your copy of Erasure Wild! at Amazon or iTunes.


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