Reed Hays from Very Records Band Reed & Caroline Visits The Studio

Our old friend Reed Hays stopped by yesterday to play a little ARP 2500 and say hello to what he calls his old hi hat machine, a heavily modified EML-400 Electrocomp Sequencer with an extra oscillator, noise source, etc. These mods were apparently done at the factory, where they were labelled… in magic marker. Whoever did this had pretty sloppy handwriting (facepalm), so it looks a bit messy, but sounds a whole lotta awesome!

Reed is one half of the synth pop duo “Reed & Caroline”. Caroline is the other half, in case it wasn’t obvious. This album was done almost entirely on a huge Buchla Electric Music Box, but there also seems to be a smattering of Sennheiser Vocoder and Caroline Schutz. Their fantastic debut album would’ve made Don Buchla proud if he was alive to hear it. It’s out on our friend Vince Clarke’s new label “Very Records”.Buy it here:

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