We are looking for the following synthesizers for our studio, DEAD OR ALIVE:

Alisa 1377
Buchla modules / systems (vintage)
Crumar Spirit
Driscoll Modular
Elektron Sidstation
Elka Synthex
EMS Synthi 100
EMS Vocoder 5000
Emu Modular
Eurorack Modulars
Formanta EMS-01
Keytek CTS-2000
Korg PS-3300
Polyfusion Modular
PPG Modular
Roland System-700
RSF Kobol
RSF Polykobol
Seiko DS-250
Sennheiser Vocoder VSM-201
Serge Modular (early paper face system)
SMS Modular (Salamander Modular Systems)
Steiner-Parker Synthasystem
Synton Fenix
Synton Syntovox 221 Vocoder
Synton Syrinx
Teisco 110F
Teisco SX-400
Wavemaker 6
Wavemakers KB Electronic Music Instrumentation
Wiard Modular
Various other analog synthesizers, especially rare and unusual stuff, working or broken.

Please contact us if you’ve got any of these available or know someone who might.  We can pay cash or have similar items for trade.  We will arrange safe transport and will have them fully restored, so it’s ok if they need repair.  Thank you!

Please use the contact form to email us, or email us directly at contact (at) thesynthsanctuary.com